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Outdoor Cat Runs And Enclosures For The Garden

Outdoor Cat Runs And Enclosures For The Garden

Outdoor Cat Runs And Enclosures For The Garden

Outdoor Cat Runs and Enclosures for the garden.

Outdoor cat runs and the advantages.

Many cat owners worry about letting their beloved pets just roam about outside, with the fear of them being run over, stolen, frightened by dogs or even poisoned.  The introduction of  outdoor cat runs and enclosures can have many benefits for an indoor cat.

Having a cat indoors can lead to them gaining weight due to the lack of exercise.   Also they can develop behavioural issues from the lack of stimulation.  Outdoor cat runs and enclosures  with plenty of things to do, like shelves to watch the world go by, climbing posts for exercise or just being outside exploring nature (and catching bugs and moths!) can be a great way to get out in the fresh air.  Cats just love being outside and basking in the sun.

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Introducing a cat run

The introduction of a cat run for a cat that's normally kept indoors will help with its inquisitive nature and aid stimulation.  They come in many different sizes and styles. A large run can house a single cat or several, if they're friendly!   They can be free standing in your garden or something more secure.  Or fixed to the side of your house over a door or window.  A free standing one can have a small kennel inside to give them some protection from the weather, although they will probable sleep on top of it!


Many of our customers have opted for a cat kennel and run.  The addition of an enclosed pen has the advantage of giving them more protection from the weather.  The pen is more enclosed and sheltered for added protection.  Also you can add some insulation, shelves and blankets to keep your cat warm throughout the winter months.

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Cat Run Ideas

At UK Kennels we are always open to customer ideas and here is one example of what can be achieved.  To enable the the cats to go to and from the house, a tunnel was added.  The tunnel is fully covered and also incorporates wooden floor, this will stop any wet cats leaving dirty paw prints on the floor!  The is a luxury for the indoor cat to easily and safely go outside.


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