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3 sided catio

£369.00 GBP
Type: Catio
Shelf and Ramp

3 Sided Catio, Cat Run, Cat Enclosure

Introducing the new 3-sided catio - a haven for your feline friends to enjoy the outdoors safely! With this unique enclosure, your cats can bask in the sun, feel the fresh breeze, and watch the world go by without any worries.  Designed to be screwed to a house or existing shed.

Not only does the 3-sided catio offer unparalleled stimulation for your pets, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that they are protected from potential dangers like predators or traffic. The sturdy construction ensures your pet cat can enjoy their outdoor time year-round. Easy to assemble and install, this catio is a hassle-free solution for providing enrichment and exercise opportunities for indoor cats.

Say goodbye to concerns about your cat's safety while they roam outside - with the 3-sided catio, you can create a secure environment where they can explore and play freely. Give your beloved pets a taste of outdoor freedom while maintaining control over their environment. 

Constructed with 35mm x 45mm smooth tanalised frame with rounded edges.

Strong 1" x 1" 16g galvanised weldmesh.

Pre-drilled panels for self assembly.

All mesh including roof.

Screws supplied for self assembly of panels only.  Please note we don't supply fixings to screw to house.

Available in 6ft, 7ft or 8ft high.
Pictured is the 8ft x 4ft x 8ft high.
We also have our very popular free standing Cat Enclosure